Requirements for a Chemistry Major and Minor
Revised 3/2000

All chemistry majors pursuing a program to enter graduate training in chemistry or to become professional chemists are required to take the following courses as a minimum: Chemistry 108, 316, 316L, 328, 336, 336L and 344, 378 and 4 hours of Chemistry 391/392 or 491/492, as well as one more advanced course selected from the following: Chemistry 338, 340 or 346, 390, or 490. Mathematics 231, 232 and Physics 211, 212 are also required.

Students who are pursuing more than one major, one of which is chemistry, will be awarded the chemistry major based on completion of Chemistry 207, 316, 316L, 327, 377, and one additional advanced course in chemistry. Physics 211, 212, and Mathematics 231 are also required.

Students anticipating a chemistry minor are required to take 18-20 hours in chemistry consisting of the following courses as a minimum: Chemistry 108, 207 and 316, and 316L as well as one more advanced course in chemistry.

This is also print ready copy of the requirements list so that you may keep track of your own progress. To view the course description click here.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
CHEM 101A Human Concern3
CHEM 103Fundamentals of Chemistry3
CHEM 103-LFundamentals of Chemistry Lab.1
CHEM 107General Chemistry I.4
CHEM 108General Chemistry II.4
CHEM 201Environmental Chemistry4
CHEM 204Computer Assisted Data Analysis I2
CHEM 206Chemical Equilibrium2
CHEM 207Analytical Methods4
CHEM 210Chemical Literature1
CHEM 212Elementary Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 212-LElementary Organic Chemistry Lab.1
CHEM 290Selected Topics (1)1-3
CHEM 304Computer Assisted Data Analysis II.2
CHEM 315Organic Chemistry I.3
CHEM 315-LOrganic Chemistry I Lab.1
CHEM 316Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 316-LOrganic Chemistry II Lab.1
CHEM 327Physical Chemistry I.3
CHEM 328Physical Chemistry II.3
CHEM 336Biochemistry3
CHEM 336-LBiochemistry Lab1
CHEM 338Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 340Organic Reaction Mechanism2
CHEM 344Instrumental Methods of Analysis4
CHEM 346Advanced Organic Synthesis1-2
CHEM 377Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis and Synthesis I2
CHEM 377Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis and Synthesis II2
CHEM 390Selected Topics (2)1-3
CHEM 391Research (1)1-4
CHEM 392Research (2)1-4
CHEM 490Selected Topics (3)1-3
CHEM 491Research (3)1-4
CHEM 492Research (4)1-4
CHEM 493Senior Seminar(1)3

All the chemistry majors are required to take some or all of the following non-chemistry courses:
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
PHYS 211Physics I5
PHYS 212Physics II5
MATH 231Calculus I4
MATH 232Calculus II4

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