Magic Shows


The following procedures and activities are written with the intent that they are performed by trained people in the sciences.  All of them have references that explain the safety procedures, chemistry and proper waste disposal in much greater detail.  These are written as a quick reference on how to do the demonstration with some tips to help elementary students learn more about chemistry.  The activities are grouped into shows that give a central theme and cover related concepts.


Good Clean Fun This show demonstrates some of the properties of water.  It also looks at how these properties are affected when different materials are added.

        Toothpick tricks

        Indy card race

        Nonburning towel

Ooey, Gooey and Slimy This show makes polymers and solutions while observing the properties of different types of polymers and solutions.

        Silly Putty


        Pink Ball


        Disappearing Cup

Metalling Around This show demonstrates the chemical reactivity of different metals.  It also goes through the different types of forms in which metals may exist.

        Gold Pennies

        Magnesium Burn

        Zinc to Copper

        Magic Penny

        Blazing Bubbles

        Purple Flask

Flash, Poof and Bang! This show goes through many types of energy and explains how chemicals are used to produce energy.

        Hot Pack

        Cold Pack

        Grain Elevator Explosions


        The Black Tower

        Barking Dog

Does It Really Matter? This show looks at the phases of matter and the transition between these phases.  It also demonstrates the properties of matter at low temperatures.

        Can Crush

        Matter Action


        Liquid Nitrogen

The World of Rainbows This show looks at color and its relationship to light.  It also looks at equilibria and the scientific method.

        Starch-Iodine Clock

        Old Nassau Clock

        Oscillating Reaction

        Color Wheel