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  • “With Heart and Voice” syndicated on NPR Affiliate Red River Radio, serving Shreveport, Alexandria, El Dorado and Lufkin, from the CD Conversations in Time, Robert Benjamin Dobey, organ and the Gaudete Brass, on the PRO ORGANO label, Catalog Number: CD 7242 (Confitemini Domino) 9/14/2014

  • “With Heart and Voice” syndicated on NPR Affiliate WIAA, Interlochen Public Radio, from the CD Conversations in Time, Robert Benjamin Dobey, organ and the Gaudete Brass, on the PRO ORGANO label, Catalog Number: CD 7242 (Confitemini Domino) 9/14/2014

  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City, Utah (Laudate Nomen
    Music and the Spoken Word Broadcast
    (6/13/10, 3/14/10, 9/28/08, 6/4/06, 3/7/04, 2/23/03, 10/27/02)
  • Brass Band Podcasting from Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Belgium (5/25/08) (Gunnison Rhapsody)
  • Minnesota Public Radio’s Pipedreams (5/12/2008) (Laudate Nomen)
  • WBUR, Boston (9/21/2008) (Psalm 122)
  • With Heart and Voice, National Broadcast (11/19/07, 11/20/06) (Confitemini Domino)
  • CBC Radio Two, Montreal, Quebec (1/30/2003) (Proud Music of the Storm)
  • CBC Radio Two, Montreal, Quebec (9/11/2002) (Laudate Nomen)
  • KSMU, Springfield, MO (3/6/02 & 3/20/02) (Native Moments)
  • WBUR, Boston (2/6/2000) (Psalm 122)
  • WCRB-102.5 FM, Boston (1/30/2000) (I Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills)
  • WBUR, Boston (9/26/1999) (Psalm 122)
  • Minnesota Public Radio’s Pipedreams (5/24/1999) (Confitemini Domino)
  • WCRB-102.5 FM, Boston (5/16/1999) (Psalm 67)
  • WCRB-102.5 FM, Boston (4/11/1999) (Confitemini Domino)
  • WGBH Classics in the Morning, Boston (8/11/1998) (Confitemini Domino)
  • Société Radio-Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (1998) (Sonata for Cello and Piano)
  • Nebraska Public Radio (1998) (Native Moments)
  • Minnesota Public Radio (1997) (Sing Unto the Lord A New Song)
  • WCRB, Boston (1995-96) (Sing Unto the Lord A New Song, Show Us Your Mercy)
  • WBUR, Boston (1993-97) (Psalm 122)


  • NBC/KY3 (April 25, 2008)  Interview on Kennedy Center performance
  • Hallmark Channel, Music and the Spoken Word, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, (Laudate Nomen) (June 3, 2007) 
  • NBC Broadcast, Moravian College Vespers, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (Ah from a Little Child) (12/25/06)
  • NBC/KY3 (October 9, 2003)  Interview on "How to be a Composer"
  • KSMU Radio, Springfield (MO) Symphony, "Symphony in the Ozarks," March 6 & 20, 2002 (Native Moments)
  • Olympic coverage for Luge, Springfield, Missouri
    • NBC/KY3 (February 6 and 10, 2002)
    • CBS/KOLR10 (February 6, 2002)
    • ABC/KSPR33 (February 6, 2002)
  • KIOS-FM Radio, Omaha, Omaha Symphony, April 26, 1998 and
    Nebraska Public Radio, April 30, 1998
  • Minnesota Public Radio, Minneapolis, Minnesota All-State, Mindy Ratner
    Broadcast throughout MPR’s affiliates on April 26, 1997


  • Jenny Clarke, NewMusicBox, "Remembering September 11th with New Choral Works," August 23, 2011 (Full Review)

  • The American Organist, "Choral Music," April, 2011

  • CrossAccent, Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, 2011, Volume 19, 
    Number 1 (Full Review)

  • Susan Pennington, Falmouth Enterprise, "Review of Mastersingers by the Sea 'O Sing Unto the Lord'," May 7, 2010 (Full Review)

  • Alan Lewis, The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians, "Choral Music Reviews," March , 2010 (Full Review)

  • Patrick McCoy, Kennedy Center Examiner, "Review: The Washington Chorus in 'A Candlelight Christmas'," December 22, 2009 (Full Review)

  • Larry Collins, Springfield News-Leader, "Former Directors Kick Off Symphony Season" September 22, 2009 (Full Review)

  • Roger Miller, Choral Journal, "Eternity's Music," June/July 2009 (Full Review)

  • Channing Gray, The Providence Journal, "Matching the Sweep of the Prairie," March 4, 2007 (Full Review)

  • John Zeugner, Worcester Telegram & Gazette News, "Worcester Chorus Overcomes Obstacles," November 6, 2006 (Full Review)
  • Still, the selections seemed apt for the times, especially with the inclusion of Carlyle Sharpe's impressive Proud Music of the Storm, a moving, inventive score using the words of Walt Whitman for its text. Sharpe, a classmate of Wachner's at Boston University, was asked by his old friend to write a piece to celebrate the Singers' 30th anniversary.

    At one point Whitman's verse refers to the "wounded groaning in agony . . . blackened ruins, the embers of cities." Add to that biting harmonies and some wonderful tunes, and you have a fine addition to the choral repertoire.
    Channing Gray, The Providence Journal, November 5, 2001 (Full Review)
  • Before I leave this recording I must mention to those of you on the look out for music for brass and organ, that you should listen to Carlyle Sharpe’s Confitemini Domino. It needs very good brass players and a good organist, but it’s a great piece and would well reward the effort needed to do it justice. On this performance, the players certainly sell the piece. I recommend this especially and the whole disc for that matter.
    Peter Beaven, "Bravo Memphis!" Review Section - CDs Choral, Choir & Organ, London, England, November/December, 1998
    In Every Corner Sing - 20th Century Sacred Masterworks, Pro Organo CD 7034
  • The second half of the concert opened with an undated but recent one-movement work by Carlyle Sharpe of Boston, which showed him to be a composer of considerable promise. Particularly notable are the skilled, creative ways he was able to marshal the large orchestral forces of which he made use.

    Titled "Native Moments," this fast-changing piece opens softly and builds to a surprisingly powerful climax. It has definite elements of impressionism, but other influences and styles commingle as well.
    Kyle MacMillan, Omaha World Herald, April 18, 1998
  • Carlyle Sharpe’s Cello Sonata was perhaps old-fashioned in that it thought big, was expressively and idiomatically written for the two instruments, and was given to letting loose with the physicality and the Schwarmerei when it felt like it, but from the excellent Mark Simcox (cello) and Sandra Hebert (piano) it was urgent news, and you did want to hear what it had to say.
    Richard Buell, The Boston Globe, May 31, 1994


  • Confitemini Domino, Conversations in Time, ©2011, Pro Organo CD 7242, Gaudete Brass with Robert Benjamin Dobey, organ

  • Flourishes, Christmas with The Washington Chorus, ©2010, Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92117, The Washington Chorus, Julian Wachner, conductor, The Whitman Choir, Jeffrey Davidson, director, National Capital Brass & Percussion

  • Laudate Nomen, Alleluia: Sacred Choral Music, The University of Utah Singers, Brady Allred, conductor, ©2009.

  • So Have I Loved You, Sing Me To Heaven, Drury Singers, Allin Sorenson, conductor, ©2006

  • Ah, from a little child, All Sounds Became Music, Concordia A Cappella Choir, Kurt E. von Kampen, ©2005

  • Laudate Nomen, I Thank You God, Pacific Lutheran University, Richard Nance, conductor, ©2005

  • Laudate Nomen, My Redeemer Lives, Brigham Young University Singers, Ronald Staheli, director, ©2003

  • Confitemini Domino for Brass Quintet and Organ, IN EVERY CORNER SING: 20th Century Sacred Masterworks, The Memphis Boychoir & The Memphis Chamber Choir, John Ayer, director, Diane Meredith Belcher, organ, with the Memphis Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, ©1998, Pro Organo CD 7034.
  • Toccata for Organ, AUTHOR OF LIGHT–The Choir and Organs of the Episcopal Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, Boston, Massachusetts, Mark T. Engelhardt, Music Director and Organist, ©1994, Compact Disk SPC-1/Cathedral Church of Saint Paul.