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Our Mission

Our group strives to reach several goals.  First, we simply try to introduce the residents to the areas of the fine arts.  There are many diverse and interesting ways the arts take shape in our community.  We also hope to build the students knowledge of and skill in the arts.  This gives them an outlet for unrestricted creativity and occasionally an emotional release.   We attempt to show the students ways they can become involved in their community and can grow into leaders.  We let them direct short plays during our theater rotation and as previously mentioned, we take the students to different art related events in the community. Lastly, we just want the students to feel important and good about themselves.  All of the students have been removed from tough family situations.  We try to brighten their day, make them feel good about their work and themselves, and take their minds off their situation.  We do our best to set a positive example for the residents and to make sure they realize that they can achieve anything they want to.   


Our Vision

Our vision closely mirrors our mission.  Each group member is passionate about the arts.  Whether it be studying architecture, acting in theater productions, or participating in the various school orchestras and choirs, we are all very involved in the arts.  We hope to instill this same interest in the arts in the residents of the Boys and Girls Town.  We want to get them excited about and plugged into the many arts related activities.  We also hope to get them excited about becoming involved in their communities.  Every community needs strong leaders and active citizens.  By just being active in a few organizations or events, the community will grow and prosper.  We want to show our students that it’s fun to be involved, and instill in them the wish to become involved and have an impact on their own community.