The Drury University Holodeck

In order to provide a virtual laboratory in which to explore the output of computational simulations of the four-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm, the Drury University Holodeck was created, and this is where Gingerman (below) lives.  Gingerman's arm motion is generated by the output of numerical simulations of the motion of a four-degree-of-freedom arm (three degrees of freedom at the shoulder and one at the elbow), under the influence of gravity and the contractions of numerous muscles.  Shown below is a single frame of a video describing motion of the arm.  Click on the picture below to see a video of Gingerman moving four degrees of freedom of his arm through full revolutions simultaneously.  He's quite limber, isn't he?  More and better videos will be added here as time permits.

The Drury University Holodeck is a virtual component of the Muscle Systems Simulation Laboratory.