Science, Mathematics

and Religion




I am interested in Christian apologetics, but I am unapologetically Christian.  I believe the reductionist scientific view to be hypodimensional.  There are more dimensions to reality than can be investigated by the scientific method.  I believe that the Christian faith reveals the deepest truths about who we are and our relationship to God.

If there is a spiritual world, it must be governed by laws, and I find this prospect fascinating in the highest degree. We do not know much about the laws that govern the spiritual realm, but we can reasonably expect them to be at least as complex as physics as we know it (to paraphrase C.S Lewis). 

Like any scientist, my worldview is subject to revision, but the evidence in my own personal journey points to the truth of Christianity.  I believe that what a person knows intellectually must be consistent with their religious beliefs, or something akin to schizophrenia results.  Thus it is a tragedy when people are told that they must reject the revelations of modern science in order to maintain their faith in God.  I believe that no such choice is necessary.  The problem is that as human beings, we are limited in our ability to see "the big picture".  Two-dimensional people looking at the projection of a cube into the plane of their world (see above), see the same object as having four sides, or as having three, depending on the particular orientation of the cube.  How can a triangle and a cube be different manifestations of the same object?  To beings who are able to perceive three spatial dimensions, it is obvious, but this is not so to two-dimensional people.  Thus, many young people are told (in some churches) that they must reject the theory of evolution in order to embrace Christianity.  The Bible states that God made man from the "dust of the earth", but this is exactly where evolutionary biologists believe we came from as well.  The truth is always more complex than our simplistic preconceptions and limited cognitive capacities allow.  As Sir Arthur Eddington said "the universe is not only stranger than we believe, but stranger than we CAN believe".  I believe that to say God made the universe without agents is nonsense -- it is like saying that He made the universe without making the universe.

 "He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."  Ecclesiastes 3:11

 Consciousness is said to be an emergent property of extremely complex biological

systems.  The fact is that no one really knows what it is.  I am just a fascinated

amateur in this field, but my intuition tells me that its arisal is concomittant with

a separation of choice and behavior from initial conditions, or causality.  Perhaps when

this occurs, a spirit is embodied.  There is probably a continuum of levels

of consciousness, and our ability to perceive time increases as we are released from

our initial conditions.  This idea inspired the graphic to the right.  My wiener dog seems

to have no idea how long I have been gone when I leave the house, and is thus equally

exuberant if it has been 15 minutes or 15 hours.  It also seems to have limited choice in

its behavior.  It will kill a chicken even though I get mad at it every time and it feels awful

for a while, when I lock it in its dog carrier as punishment.  Moments later, it is whining to get

out, as if to say "Why am I in here?"


"Then, in the fullness of time, God caused to descend upon this organism, both on its psychology and physiology, a new kind of consciousness which could say "I" and "me", which could look upon itself as an object, which knew God, which could make judgements of truth, beauty, and goodness, and which was so far above time that it could perceive time flowing past."-C.S.Lewis

"Only spirit is free.  Matter is not."  - Peter Kreeft

"From all we have learnt about the structure of living matter, we must be prepared to find it working in a manner that cannot be reduced to the ordinary laws of physics. And that not on the ground that there is any 'new force' or what not, directing the behavior of the single atoms within a living organism, but because the construction is different from anything we have yet tested in the physical laboratory." — Erwin Schrödinger