Hawaii Field Research                              Winter  2011 


Photo Gallery



Bamboo Grove

Southernmost Bakery

Sunset From The Beach In Hilo

Painted Church Of Hawaii

Underwater Coral

Stripped Fish And Pencil Urchins

Underwater Shot Of Fish Feeding

Hawaiin Tiki Hut

Beautiful Champagne Ponds

Floating Plastic From Japan

100% Kona Coffee From Bayview Farm

Champagne Ponds Looking Out To Sea

Hawaiin Woodworker Carving A Tiki

Bundle Of Ghost Nets Found On The South Shore

North Point Cliffs

Waves Crashing Off Of Hilo

Evidence Of Plastic Consumption By Sealife


De's Rock Of Solitude

Ropes And Debris From South Shore Clean-up

Underwated Spiked Sea Urchin

Handcrafted Hawaiin Tikis

Banyan Trees From Rainbow Falls

Resting Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle In Champagne Pond

Turtle Basking Near Spring Water

Vibrant Pencil Urchin

Don't Touch the Turtles

Rainbow Falls

Coral Near Hilo

Sun Glimmering Through The Waves