The following website is an investigation of water quality and land use of the Indian Creek drainage basin area in Southwest Missouri. This study was created to supplement a University of Missouri Extension Office project involving septic tank cleanup in Lanagan, Missouri. During March and April of 2004, a Field Studies in Geography class at Drury University explored the Lanagan area in order to perform water quality tests and observe the overall health of the local environment. This report also includes a historical look at the people, industries, and environmental regulations of McDonald County. The purpose of these observations is to describe the relationship between land use and water quality of the Indian Creek area to help better manage land and water resources for the future. Our preliminary investigation shows that Indian Creek in spring of 2004 generally exhibited good water quality. Field observations, and environmental history data, however, indicated potential concerns such as: leaking septic tanks, farm runoff, and industrial and municipal discharges. If the mostly rural and undeveloped drainage area of Indian Creek were to see significant development without proper planning, the cumulative effects to water quality could negatively affect Indian Creek and the Elk River as prime recreational destinations.