Tyler Bray:

I found this Summit Park project to be a fun experience.  It was very rewarding to give back to the community and the time spent working with the group was also enjoyable.  This project was very worthwhile and I highly recommend it to others considering Summit Park in the future.


Michael Fuge

This project was a great way to get outside a bit and also help the community at the same time. Summit Park provided the means by which all of us could learn and grow as leaders, while also giving us a great place to live.


Craig Dunseth:

Working with Habitat has been a really great experience.  Collaborating and working as part of a team has been very rewarding a fulfilling.  I hope to work with Habitat in the future.


William “Greyson” Broce:

This was a great experience because the people I lived with were great and so much fun.  To me, they will always be life-long friends and I will never forget them.