The Drury catalog elaborates the Design Arts curriculum adequately but is unable to give the reader a sense of the synergy binding students together and which fuels their commitment to finding success in their chosen careers after graduation. Our Design Arts students are highly creative, practical and intelligent young people who trust the faculty to advise and teach them what they need to know. They work hard, as do the faculty, and they find the doorway to success unlocked and open upon graduation.

Our graduates have found satisfying careers in design and photography. Our most recent graduates have been admitted to prestigious graduate schools where they are studying to accomplish the necessary training to achieve their dream careers: Portfolio Center - Atlanta, GA, School of Visual Arts - NYC, Pratt Institute - NYC, Miami Ad School - Miami, FL, prestigious internships in NYC.

Drury's Design Arts curriculum has prepared these students for the challenges they now face in design jobs or will face soon after graduate school ... one has but ask them to confirm this truth.

total viscom courses = 51 hours

  • In addition to the required courses, we recommend the following:
  • ARTZ 260: Photography I
  • ARTZ 290/390/490: Selected Topics
  • ARTZ 301/302, 401/402: Advanced Studio
  • ARTZ 360: Photography II
  • ARTZ 367: Digital Photography II
  • COMM 226: Multimedia Production I
  • COMM 386: Web Communication

  • course information

    Art & Art History
    Behavior Science